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How it Works?


1. Simply click on the PayPal button after selecting the name you wish to buy.

2. Your payment will go through a verification.

3. After the verification and payment confirmation we will contact you via email with the full instructions of the domain name(s) transfer process.

Note: If you wish to pay via Card Payment or Bank transfer please use the contact form, we are happy to accept a few different forms of payment.

The purchase includes the selected domain name with the logo or text illustration (if logo is displayed).

The purchase of a domain name includes a one-time cost and the exchange of the domain’s ownership. After purchasing the domain name,  you can use it the way you want.

Our domain names for sale are registered at Godaddy, Crazydomains, Nominet or Namecheap (all accredited companies by ICANN).

The transfer of a domain name can be instant but can take up to 7 days depending on the registrars.

We recommend using the same registrar where the domain is currently registered so you have a quick and smooth transfer..

In case the domain is locked at the registrar due to a whois update, it cannot be transferred to a different registrar for 60 days, only to the same registrar.

Please contact us if you have any doubts about domains being locked to prevent any delays.

UK Domains can be instantly transferred via Nominet,  if you wish to move registrars at this point please let us know the registrar tag you wish to be transferred to.

Once transfer a domain name away it is the buyer’s responsibility to verify and renew the domain registration before the expiration date.

Renewals cost between £5-£50 per year, per domain depending on the extension.  You should research renewal costs with your registrar prior to purchase or ask us for details.

If there is a logo displayed with the desired domain, then the original logo file will be also sent to you free of charge.

You can make an offer only on domain names with the “Make Offer” button.

If you buy more than one domain name you can contact us and submit your best offer.

Unfortunately, once the domain has been transferred successfully to the buyer the order cannot be canceled anymore.

We do not offer refunds for purchased domain names.

Feel free to send us a message with your questions using the form below.

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